we did it!


We are Stefan 🇩🇪 (Rhöner Calmund), Karol 🇵🇱 (wantsky aka Posnanian Reviewer) and Michael 🇦🇹 (The Muggle).

We had an idea of visiting all 26 Swiss cantons and finding at least one geocache in each back in 2016 but before we managed to plan everything, mountain passes got closed for winter and we had to postpone it.

We finally found a weekend that would fit all of us and we started on 24.06.2017 at 2:54 from Nyon in canton Vaud, Switzerland, finding our first geocache at 3:16 in canton Geneva and finishing on the same day at 23:35 in canton Fribourg after having driven 930 km.


The geocaches we found were:

CANTON                      GC_CODE     TIME    KM
Geneva                      GC56N06     03:15   0km
Vaud                        GC12ZGQ     04:23   82km
Valais                      GC66Z7Q     05:30   180km
Ticino                      GC1G82D     08:10   273km
Uri                         GC3MV31     09:05   302km
Graubünden                  GC7615H     09:38   322km
Nidwalden                   GC2EQDQ     10:52   382km
Obwalden                    GC6E4NC     11:23   399km
Luzern                      GC6VY7W     12:10   424km
Zug                         GC1WEVY     12:42   447km
Zürich                      GC692AZ     13:25   477km
Schwyz                      GC5TGJ4     13:45   490km
Glarus                      GC70ERF     14:05   513km
St. Gallen                  GC2292C     14:30   539km
Appenzell Ausserrhoden      GC32QP8     15:52   562km
Appenzell Innerrhoden       GC1H5Z6     16:21   576km
Thurgau                     GC4RENG     17:28   623km
Schaffhausen                GC68JFG     18:25   674km
Aargau                      GC5VKC9     19:50   715km
Basel-Landschaft            GC20N5M     20:53   782km
Basel-Stadt                 GC4EFNE     21:05   791km
Solothurn                   GC4QGQ9     21:20   803km
Jura                        GC6RQNV     22:01   836km
Bern                        GC43E1R     22:30   870km
Neuchâtel                   GC1JEV9     23:10   912km
Fribourg                    GC2HFQD     23:35   930km

We didn’t always choose the easiest traditional geocaches. We had a mystery, letterboxes and a webcam cache (although not listed above since we wanted to find a physical container in every canton). Whenever we could, we also chose caches with as many favorite points as possible.

It was very tiring, but truly awesome!

Have a look at the movie.

Below you can see our final route.

Do you have any questions or comments? Did you find a smarter route?

Let us know at awesome (at) 26swisscantonsin1day.com